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The Role of Procurement in 2018

By Swetalina Routray
In Procurement Technology
Mar 30th, 2018

Over the years businesses have changed and so has the roles of different departments within them. Thus, businesses in 2018 are subjected to a myriad of complex issues revolving around cost savings, operational efficiency and obtaining a competitive edge through available data and human resources.

As per The Hackett Group’s 2018 Key Issues Study, one of the top five priorities of Procurement in 2018 is to elevate its role as an organizational trusted advisor. Hence, procurement function must realign itself with the organizational goals and transform from being a support function to a strategic one, which adds value to the organization and is not just a cost-center.

To help you traverse this transformative path we interacted with leading procurement practitioners and thought leaders are present their articles on the most sought-after question-“What should be the role of procurement in 2018?”

What we concluded was the single focus of all these practitioners and thought leaders on procurement adding value to the organization and elevating its role to a strategic advisor.
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