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The Future Is Here – Augmented Reality

By Poulami Mukherjee
In Procurement Technology
May 10th, 2017

Earlier this year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced about an advanced version of Facebook which will get rid of the smartphone and introduce Augmented Reality (AR), all these with the motive to bring people closer to each other.

For the people who do not understand AR, the game Pokemon Go that was introduced last year is a classic example. Facebook now pictures of a world where everyone will wear glasses to shop, decorate, explore and communicate.

Now, do you get an idea of what the future will look like? At present apart from Facebook, Microsoft, Snap chat and Google are working on introducing AR into smartphones.

Machine-based learning, robotics and automation are the hot topics across all industries. A lot of real estates firms have been using AR to showcase building illustrations and structures to clients.

Let’s look at how AR can benefit the procurement industry. It’s a common knowledge that procurement, finance and operations team need to work together and engage in discussions about different business objectives. If such teams are not working at the same location, AR can create a virtual picture of each attendee. The attendees could bring along their phones or wear AR glasses and by looking directly at the asset, each person could see the cost and contract data relevant to that item or service.

AR would make the procurement meetings more real and bring organisations closer.

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