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The Emergence of the Hybrid P2P Era

By Poulami Mukherjee
In Procure-to-Pay
Nov 8th, 2017

A recent article talked about the emergence of the Hybrid IT model, and how it will get rid of legacy technology handcuffs.

Let’s see what does a hybrid IT model in the P2P world would look like and how would it work?

To understand this, one needs to understand what kind of procurement organisation are they a part of.  According to a study published by ‘Acuity Consultants’, there are 3 basic models of procurement organization:

  • Local – All decisions, activities and control is performed locally or let’s say it’s fairly autonomous
  • Central – Decision making and procurement activity is centralised
  • Networked – Everything is coordinated across units. Decision making is not independent but is controlled by nodes or a network.

However, two more models are also discussed which are fairly new, Federal model which has a combination of central and local model and the Hybrid model which is more feasible in large organizations. With this model, one can run a networked approach in one division, federal in other and local in another, while still having the lead responsibility on the centre.

All these models have their own pros and cons, for example in a fairly small sized company the central or local model would fit the best, but the con with central is that, it somehow fails to deliver to the bottom line.

In recent times, organizations tend to centralize sourcing and then decentralize as they become more mature, the overall trend in recent years has been to centralize, with help from technology. This model is also called the right model.

In this webinar, Procurement Insights’ Jon Hansen will examine more closely the emergence of intuitive, user-friendly cloud inclusive technologies that are operational within weeks or months as opposed to years, through the collaborative incorporation of “best of breed” process capabilities.

Based on the above insights, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify capacity and performance gaps in their current procurement practice
  • Learn how to address these gaps through a hybrid P2P model approach
  • Position current procurement practices to achieve organizational objectives

Date and time – 29th November 2017, 11.00am ET

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