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Spend Management: There is Never a Better Time to Win!

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Netflix did not kill blockbuster; ridiculous ticket prices did. Uber did not destroy the taxi business, limited access to cabs and errant drivers did. Apple did not kill the music industry, being forced to buy full-length albums did. Amazon did not kill other retailers, poor customer service and experience did. Airbnb isn’t killing the hotel industry, limited availability and pricing options are. Technology by itself is not the disruptor, not being customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business.
Perhaps a clear insight into the firm’s objectives can help us understand what it takes for us to do our business better. Creating awareness of putting customer satisfaction ahead of everything else, is of prime importance.

There is Never a Better Time to Win !
It’s time to analyze the internal processes for process efficiency and transform the way procurement functions with a robust spend management system which can directly impact the bottom line. Procurement transformation can help you find new ways of doing things so that they can move beyond the core functions of maximizing savings, mitigating risks, and improving compliance. Transformation starts by stepping out of the typical silo foundation and understanding of whole market dynamics to ideate ways to improve the overall end-customer satisfaction through process improvements are required.

Procurement needs to invest in a collaborative dialogue with the critical internal stakeholders within the organizations to get perspective to understand what can be done from their end to help their customers do their business better. Implementing a process for identifying and agreeing upon customer journey improvements that should be undertaken by the procurement leaders. This requires a digitally enabled workforce, pervasive smart process automation, and a predictive insight-driven enterprise level Source-to-Pay software solution.

So, if you are looking to going to market strategy for Procurement Transformation as a foundation for customer success, then please visit us at Booth#9 at ProcureCon- Asia. We can help you explore fresh new perspectives and insights into how the latest technologies from artificial intelligence, robot-advisors, predictive analytics are affecting the world of procurement.

Zycus, a global leader in the complete Source-to-Pay suite of procurement solutions, is proud to be an associate sponsor at the ProcureCon Asia 2018. It is scheduled to be held at the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore from July 10-12, 2018. ProcureCon Asia returns for 2018 with a focus on Digital Transformation and to future-proof your procurement strategy. The conference will bring together heads of procurement professionals in APAC who are seeking the new framework for digital transformation in procurement, to position their team for success.

Join us at Zycus’ Booth no 9, to know more about, how Zycus can drive procurement transformation, by tailor-made smarter, intuitive solutions, which is guaranteed to plug yours’ spend leakages and improve bottom-line. There is also an option wherein we could walk you through the basics of our software and answer your questions on Source-to-Pay Software Solutions.

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