Procurement in a Galaxy very very near you: How Yoda’s teachings apply to your procurement processes. (Part 1)

Procurement through the microscope of a Microbiologist
December 6, 2011
Procurement in a Galaxy very very near you: How Yoda’s teachings apply to your procurement processes (Part 2)
December 13, 2011
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Luke: “Is the dark side stronger?” Yoda: “No, no, no – Quicker, easier, more seductive.”

Luke: “But how am I to know the good side from the bad?”

Yoda: “You will know… when you are calm, at peace, passive.

A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.” -Yoda to Luke, (Empire Strikes Back)

Master Yoda answers Luke’s turmoil in a very simplistic and effective manner. What is Luke’s turmoil? – Failure to understand the basic difference between the two sides of the force. While the dark side is easier, quicker seductive and connects to the basic emotions like fear and anger leading to destruction and negativity, the light side is the one that preserves itself from being affected by such attributes.

In the Procurement Galaxy:  There are a lot of solutions with a ton of fancy, complex features which look nice and enticing on datasheets and checklists. However, the best solution would be the one which caters to your needs and is the simplest to adopt into your organization. Knowingly or unknowingly you are paying for additional features which you don’t require. Establish a baseline for your spend analysis requirement-what you do and do not want. The best way is to design a business problem to feature chart mapping each business problem to the features available. Therefore minimum indulgence of complexity at the user’s end and addressing the requirements in an elegant and effective manner should be the attributes of the best solutions that you require.

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