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Numbers make it sexier

By Silky Agarwal
In Contract Management
Mar 31st, 2014

We have all read a lot about how exciting sourcing and procurement profession is.  And there are definitely many concurrent reasons for that.  Dawn Evans wrote about it in her SIG blog deal in a very interesting manner.  Even this Businessinsider article on The 20 Best Jobs of the Future lists the umbrella career of Operations management as the second most sought after career in the coming times.

That aside, I feel, it is the number science that makes it exciting, the most.  We are living in a world of excesses and there is just too much information from infinite sources, with infiniter implications and even more infinite opportunities.  The connectivity, the access, the recordability and the consumability of data is adding to this phenomenon.  What we are entering is not so much the world of digital, as we are, the world of digits!  The digital, hence, would do much more than be a storeroom of sorts.  It will be our super calculator, a site of experiments that helps us look before we take that leap.

Digital: Dig it all

Digital: Dig it all

Data science, I like to believe, is the phase ahead.  It will begin with numbers, and will consume even the non-numerical, transforming everything into a predictable and measurable, yes or no, a binary of possibilities.  Leaders who are able to see it coming, I assume, have already started preparing themselves for it.  And this preparation begins with the quality of the given data.  Those who have been investing in whipping their data into meaningful shapes, will be able to make the most of this future.  For sourcing and purchasing professionals, this would mean having a clean, normalized, standardized, digitized and updated instance of all that they deal with, day in and day out.  No holds barred.


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Silky works as part of Zycus' thought leadership team. She loves to bring interesting perspectives to the procurement profession, thereby providing food for thought to leaders and visionaries in this profession driven to make a difference to their organizations. She is an MBA in Communications Management, a Graduate in Mass Communications. Her specialization lies in Qualitative aspects of the business and the market needs.

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