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Managing the “Human” Side of Digital Procurement Transformation

By Swetalina Routray
In Procurement Technology
Dec 12th, 2017

A digital revolution is seen to be up surging in the recent few years, and one of the departments that are facing the storm of digital revolution is “procurement”. In fact as per a recent report by The Hackett Group – “84% of procurement organizations believe that digital transformation will fundamentally change the way their services are delivered over the next three to five years”

Procurement sits at the heart of the digital transformation for any organization and hence should:

  • Be the enabler and facilitator for digital transformation in an organization
  • Implement innovative technologies to manage the digital disruption in the supply chain

However, a vital piece that can get lost in the digital transformation equation is the human side.

The International Labor Organization’s Key Indicators Of The Labor Market (for 2015) reports that there is a “mismatch between skilled people and the number of available jobs that match their competencies and expectations.” This apparent skills gap, which grew by as much as 15% at the end of 2016 means that organization, will have to develop existing talent even as they move forward on digital projects. Or to put it another way, to be future-ready, skill levels both within their present workforce as well as through proactive investment in the development of the up and coming generation will be critical for organizations to thrive in a constantly evolving business landscape.

As procurement professional you must ask yourself the following question; Am I ready for the digital transformation era?

In this webinar, Procurement Insight’s Jon Hansen will provide you with an essential framework to get you and your career digital ready, including how you can best leverage emerging technologies to maintain both your effectiveness and ongoing relevance in the new digital world.

By attending this webinar the attendees will gain valuable insight into:

  • The “true” nature of digital transformation and the expectations it sets regarding procurement
  • CPO priorities in the digital age and what it means to you
  • Determining the digital “readiness” of your career concerning the BIG seven capabilities for building a high-performance procurement practice
  • Their next move to digitally transform their career


Date: 19th December 2017, Tuesday

Time: 2 PM ET


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