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Leveraging technology to drive business performance – Part 3 | Zycus Procurement Blog Leveraging technology to drive business performance – Part 3 - Zycus Procurement Blog

Leveraging technology to drive business performance – Part 3

By Rohitkumar Nair
In Contract Management
Jan 19th, 2012

In the second part of the 5 part series on ‘Leveraging technology to drive business performance’ we provided an overview on ‘Strategic decision making on future sourcing projects’. (Part 1, Part 2).  Part 3 of the series will focus on contract management which also forms an important part of strategic sourcing. Contract management is a process which encompasses activities right from contract drafting to contract optimizing. This post will list down the best practices adopted by best-in-class organizations with respect to contract management.

1. Create dynamic contract repositories that reflect operational requirements:

  • Include escalation and de-escalation clauses during contract negotiation and link these to market parameters like foreign exchange & commodity indices.
  • Set a system of alerts and reminders for the specific escalator/de-escalator clauses linked to commodity or Forex indices.
  • Track and measure the compliance and if possible quantify the savings accrued from these contracts.

2. Define, communicate and effectively manage to specified contract metrics:

  • Link contracts to spend to establish parameters of measurement.
  • Establish benchmark parameters with regards to peers and industry.
  • Track and measure contract compliance and utilization based on these parameters and benchmarks.
  • Communicate and elicit input from concerned decision makers while determining parameters.

3. Institute regular contract audits and use them to create opportunities:

 Improve visibility in the following areas;

  • Currency Change and Conversion.
  • Volume Discounts.
  • Buyer Turnover.
  • Clerical Errors.
  • Carryover provision for Replacement Contracts.

4. Standardize and accelerate contract authoring by maintaining a contract template and clause library:

  • Define mandatory / non mandatory clauses.
  • Define templates and clauses based on geographies and categories.
  • Ensure continuous updates to all clauses and ensure access to relevant stakeholders to modify templates.

5. Create a standard workflow for collaborative authoring and negotiation of contracts:

  • Create a standard work flow with set protocols and procedures.
  • Define hierarchies for approval process.
  • Ensure access to all necessary stakeholders during the contract authoring and amendment process.

To download this piece on contract management click here

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