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Lessons in Procurement by these 8 Influential Personalities No More

By Linda Ashok
In Procurement Technology
Jun 26th, 2018
2018 has been a year of considerable loss of famous and influential personalities across diverse industries. It almost feels like the goodness of an era is over. While it is utterly depressing, we mustn’t forget the lessons that these people shared with us and inferences we can draw from them to influence our actions.
Do their ideas influence procurement? The personal is argued as political too, could it be business too? Hover your cursor on the names listed below to learn from their life lessons and what they translate into for procurement.
Margot Kidder (1948-2018): Actress/Activist Avicii (1989-2018): Swedish Musician
Bill Maynard (1928-2018): English Comedian Hubert De Givenchy (1927-2018): French Fashion Designer
Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018): American Chef John Young (1930-2018): Astronaut
Stephen Hawking (1942-2018): Theoretical Physicist Philip Roth (1933-2018): American Novelist

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Linda Ashok is a content, communications, & branding professional with 12 years of work experience in BPO, Banking, Payroll, Robo-Advisory, Internal Communications, and Social Media. She is interested in how businesses perform at the intersection of Big Data, AI, IoT, and other emerging technologies.

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