Guiding Metrics for Procurement Compliance – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, I had covered the key metrics that need to be on Procurement’s watch list for better procurement compliance. Access Part 1 here. In Part 2 of this blog, we look at how organizations are faring on these metrics and how they can move the metrics for an improved compliance.

Metric 1: Spend Under Management

According to an Ardent Partners report titled ‘The ROI of a Best-in-Class Procurement Department, best-in-class organizations have 91% spend under management (SUM) compared to 57% for peers. Having more SUM holds the key to unlocking savings opportunities. For a $100mn of spend, a best-in-class organization will gain a larger spend portfolio ($91mn Vs. $57mn) and with better savings rate achieve higher savings amount.

How to move the metrics on SUM?

  • Focus on improving spend visibility, organization agility & collaboration with other functions to engage & drive continued innovation.

Metric 2: Contract Compliance

Contracts are pivotal to the procurement cause: they provide legal security, help establish rules for transactions and most importantly capture the very essence of detailed sourcing and negotiation activities. According to the Ardent Partners, best-in-class organizations have 67% spend on contract compared to 47% for peer groups.

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How to move the metric on Contract Compliance?

  • Procurement team should look at getting a holistic view of the terms and conditions of the contracts to make sure there is complete transparency while ordering the products or the services.
  • It should start by aggregating agreements in a central, searchable repository.
  • Flipping contracts into catalogs would enable the requisitioners to find & order the products / services from contracted suppliers.
  • Enormous improvement in contract compliance can be achieved by making it easy for the requisitioners to do the right thing and hard for suppliers to do the wrong things.

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Metric 3: Transactional Compliance

In Part 1 of the blog, we discussed the following key areas to track under transactional compliance – PO creation compliance rate, Invoice acceptance rate, First-Pass match rate & On-Time payment rate. Let us consider the benchmarks for each of these.

According to the latest benchmark from The Hackett Group, Best-in-Class organizations have a PO compliance rate of 98%, Invoice acceptance rate of 94%, First-Pass Match rate of 83% & On-time payment rate of 85%. If one were to check for the perfect order rate for best-in-class organizations it stands at 80%. A perfect order is defined as no transaction processing errors across the P2P process cycle (requisition to payment)

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How to move metrics on transactional compliance?

  • Guided buying tools can help end users to identify the source and appropriate buying method for particular products/service
  • Incorporate approval workflow allowing the organization to systematically enforce review and oversight in an impersonal but effective way.
  • Implement a No PO – No Payment policy organization wide
  • Automating matching of requisitions, POs and invoices to enable greater promptness in supplier payments, allowing for more consistent realization of early payment and similar types of discounts.

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Rohitkumar Nair

Rohit Kumar Nair is Associate Director Marketing at Zycus Inc., a provider of Source-to-Pay automation technology. With close to 10 years of experience covering multiple facets of marketing in the IT & Health Care domain, Rohit currently leads the product marketing initiatives for the Procure-to-Pay solution suite at Zycus Inc.

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