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By Priyanshu Borah
In Procurement Technology
Apr 7th, 2017

Software applications are very often applauded for the user interface they provide. Companies developing these applications are urging their developers to design competitive UIs to match the market demand. The relevance of a good UI is such that sometimes users judge software applications more on the interface than the functionality. The top providers would of course focus on both. Leading procurement technology software providers are racing against time to offer intuitive UIs and find their ways to the user’s heart!

Zycus, known for its high usability and cutting edge technology, has developed an innovative card based UI nicknamed “Rainbow”, to revolutionize the look and feel of its comprehensive Source-to-Pay suite. The new UI maintains great consistency across the entire suite of applications and ensures that navigation and search gets high priority. As compared to the other software suite offerings in the market, where each product functions in its own silo, Rainbow allows users to check the summary of all the applications, right at the landing page. This reduces navigation time, makes alerts more prominent and allows users to view more information at one time.

With the increased proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise, it has become critical to ensure that  standard functionality is available to users on the go. “Rainbow” carries over UI elements from the desktop version while leveraging on the advantages of mobile platforms to provide the best user experience.

Any interface that needs extensive training is a poorly designed one. A UI should ideally be self-explanatory. It should be able to guide users to the functionality that they desire to access. Rainbow not only does this, but also marks the onset of a new chapter in procurement solutions with its intuitive card based layout, winning over thousands of users!



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