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December 12, 2017
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January 2, 2018
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With the Christmas season going on and New Year’s Eve coming closer, everyone is all set to party and vacation. We’ve got all our tickets booked and bags all packed. Some of them are already vacationing with their families. It’s a season of enjoyment. But are you completely stress-free knowing that once you’re back in office, you would have a pile of work waiting for you and you might have to give in extra time to get back to your normal routine?

What if there was an easy way to reduce your post-vacation stress? What if you could utilize your travel time to finish off a few things from your list?

According to Email Monday, 79% of people use their smartphone for reading email – a higher percentage than those who use it for making calls. We’ve reached a point where the “phone” part of a smartphone is just a feature and not the primary function. The increase in email usage on phones is an indication that people are willing to utilize spare time to finish off as much work as possible to reduce the backlog.

Mobile Requisitions On-The-Go

Mobile requisition solutions are mobile enabled procure-to-pay system that lets you access work through your devices at all times. It gives you 24/7 accessibility and lets you stay in touch with your work without physically being in office.

Imagine you’re traveling back home from holidays and want to check off a few things from your list of pending work. Wouldn’t it be a blessing to just pick up the phone and finish off requisition work just like checking mails over the phone? Well, that’s exactly what a Mobile Requisition will help you with.

  • One can approve/reject requisitions on-the-go
  • One can track all past requisitions and keep tabs on the workflow and other details
  • One can view and monitor each and every detail of all the requisitions
  • The mobile requisition can be accessed online as well as offline
  • It can help you keep pace with your work without being able to be in office
  • One can send reports via Mobile Requisition

So next time you’re off for a vacation, make sure your organization has this module implemented so that you make the best out of your holidays.


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