Zycus hosts Virtual Hackathon- Hackerfest

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Hackerfest 2021 was more than absolutely a two-day event that brought together developers, thinkers, designers, and product managers to compete in a virtual hackerfest. Instead, it was an opportunity to create and demonstrate a new feature, tool, or app. The planning for this event began months in advance, with the in-house staff working around the clock to publicize the event, assist with registrations, and oversee the entire planning process.

When we received an overwhelming reaction, it was a very proud moment. Then, finally, D-day arrived, with two days of pure hacking and close to 80 people ready to compete for the Hackerfest.

As the teams reviewed their ideas and began the hack, the room was alive with anticipation. After 24 hours, they were weary but ecstatic to finish whatever projects they worked on. We made sure that any team or individual could build on an idea.

The team can’t be hacking on an empty stomach, of course. So food coupons were used to purchase pizzas, popcorn, and Red Bulls. We started our inaugural virtual hackerfest at 9:30 a.m. on November 26th and ran until 2:30 p.m. on November 27th. A total of 14 teams presented their prototypes for judging, with a final selection of 5 units.

And what a ride that turned out to be! We developed some pretty great ideas, tools, and product features in just 24 hours; basically, everything changed the way we functioned as an organization. In addition, it proved to be a fantastic tool to collaborate with people outside of the team, allowing us to communicate with and learn from people we do not often interact with.

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