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What’s new in Zycus’ Contract Management Software?

What’s new in Zycus’ Contract Management Software?

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What’s new in Zycus’ Contract Management Software

At Zycus, we are continuously revamping and adding new features to streamline and fulfill the advanced procurement requirements of organizations around the globe. By embracing this perpetual change, Zycus creates and executes a roadmap that will help our user community and customers, yield real and positive ROI along with keeping up with the changing market dynamics.

The latest release for the Zycus Contract Management module addresses additional flexibility for contract management, shortened cycle time or iteration, and heightened stakeholder alliance, efficiency, and cross-module visibility. The updates to the  module include:

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Augmented control over contracts having older versions

First of all, enhancement includes enabling contract management software stakeholders with permission-based contract check-ins – using a confirmation message – for documents with different version history.

Diminished contract management life-cycle time with templates and contract documents

Secondly, with this update, users can directly attach a contract template or document while raising a ticket for initiating a contracting process, from the Zycus Request Management module.

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Strengthened collaboration with joint contract execution

Thirdly, the enhancement empowers contract authors to add additional stakeholders during contract authoring and execution stage while increasing visibility and minimizing iterations or time required for contract execution.

This further gives a fillip to ease of collaboration with contract stakeholders, while allowing multiple authors to control various aspects/tasks/duties of contracting.

Bringing the Zycus Contract Lifecycle Management experience to your Salesforce application

Zycus’ enterprise Contract Management Software platform is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, in the form of an application – Zycus CLM Connect.

With this integration, businesses utilizing the Salesforce Platform can now draft, author, collaborate, negotiate, sign, track, and store contracts, directly from the CRM system.

On creating a contract within Salesforce, everything else from approvals based on workflow rules, a secure repository for all legally approved templates, clauses, and contracts, dashboards, to AI or rule-based notifications, is automatically managed entirely within Zycus Contract Management system without the need for any intervention from Salesforce.

Finally, once executed, contract information flows back to Salesforce to keep the sales team updated. With extensive reporting, the team is always on top of what is happening from within Salesforce. Additionally, it also boosts existing stakeholder interaction capabilities of Salesforce Cloud to enable proactive engagement within an organization’s sales team.