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A Day In The Life Of a Contract: Safeguarding Value through Improved Contract Management

By Rohan Mishra
In Contract Management
Mar 13th, 2014
“Even though finding and awarding the correct suppliers is crucial, the effort put into it can be undone if the contracts are not managed effectively.”

A Day in the Life of a Contract

As executives increasingly understand the importance of contract management, the ‘return on investment’ goes far beyond increased efficiency and faster cycle times.

High performing contract management groups are driving substantial improvements to the bottom line. So what are the critical phases in the life of a contract?

This webinar, sponsored by Zycus (a leading Source-to-Pay solution suite provider) will explore a series of the major ‘pain points’ across the different phases of the contract management process. Get 360 degree insights, drawing on IACCM research of ‘best practices’, along with a successful practitioner’s perspective.

Highlights will include insights into;

  • Timing of engagement of contract expert resources
  • Ensuring the right terms are in the contract
  • Streamlining review and approvals
  • Meeting and managing contract milestones and obligations
  • Handling contract changes
  • Ensuring effective management of close-out or renewal

Webinar Details:

  1. Tim Cummins, President & CEO, IACCM
  2. Brandt Rydell, Assistant General Counsel, ERCOT
  3. Richard Waugh, Vice-President Corporate Development, Zycus Inc.

Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 2pm EDT

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