An AP Director’s Thanksgiving 2020 Wish

A CPO’s Thanksgiving 2020 Wish
November 24, 2020
What’s Next In Accounts Payable Automation
November 27, 2020
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While Thanksgiving is often associated with family gatherings, eating turkey, and celebrating togetherness, it is also about extending our thanks to our colleagues and peers at the workplace who make it a better place to work. So what does a successful CFO’s Thanksgiving 2020 prayer will sound like? 

· I am thankful for my AP team for accepting technological innovations which allows me to focus on strategic initiatives by putting routine tasks on auto-pilot mode

· I am thankful for my buyers who effectively and ethically keep a tight rein on our spending and avoid overshooting the budget by using AI-powered spend solutions 

· I am thankful for my AP manager, who work tirelessly to guarantee an upwards of 95% accuracy in invoice data extraction, supplier inquiry management, and invoice processing through correctly identified AP automation tools

· I am thankful for Merlin AP Smart Desk BOT, which applies AI to recognize the intent of all incoming emails and generate an automated response to the supplier email, which helps my team and me in increasing productivity

· I am thankful for my legal and contract management team who take away the mammoth task of reviewing financial terms and risks by eliminating third-party contract clause risk through an A.I. Contract Risk Bot & Force Majeure Bot

The prayers are an ideal situation of necessary relationships that an AP Director holds in his/her organization. But, if these prayers sound untrue and unachievable to many of you, it is an indication that your organization needs process improvement to achieve maximum success through automation.

Hence, if you want to change, take action to build suboptimal relationships throughout the year and make this list a dream list for your organization!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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