April 4, 2022

E-invoicing in Singapore: The Future is Sustainable

Singapore has consistently ranked as one of the most sustainable cities in Asia and globally for several years. Hence it is not surprising that the na…
March 25, 2021

Why E-invoicing is in Focus Today & How will it Benefit your Business?

Although e-Invoicing is not a new technology, its relevance has grown multi-fold in recent times. The pandemic was the catalyst in pushing...…
December 11, 2020
common procurement myths

Top 5 common procurement myths about AI

Learn about top 5 most common procurement myths regarding the application of AI in the procurement domain.…
March 26, 2020
procurement practices

SEA COVID-19: Unmask productivity in procurement performance like never before

In the world of procurement, however, the work never stops. We take a look at some procurement practices to improve productivity.…