March 4, 2022
5 Clichés About Payment Automation Software You Should Avoid

5 Clichés About Payment Automation Software You Should Avoid

Five cliches about automated AP that you should avoid for successful AP Automation with minimal implementation time-cycle. Click to learn more!…
March 12, 2021

The 4 Less Talked About P2P Challenges in procurement

Most blogs on the internet about P2P challenges talk about the tactical challenges that organizations face. Be it the invoice processing...…
December 18, 2020
Supplier Risk mitigation

A 3-step guide to Supplier Risk Mitigation: COVID-19 and beyond

Supplier risk mitigation has become very important, especially in these times. The two key themes to come out of 2020 from a procurement...…
September 9, 2020
procurement advice

Procurement Advice – 5 practical steps to combat COVID-19!

In times of uncertainities like Covid-19, good and helpful procurement advice is essential. Here are 5 practical steps to combat Covid-19.…
April 24, 2020

ANZ Government Procurement: Challenges and response to COVID-19!

Find out what procurement challenges government in ANZ are facing currently and learn how government is responding to the threat of Covid-19.…

April 7, 2020
business continuity

Business continuity in ANZ: 4-ways in which procurement can help!

Ensuring business continuity in these difficult times is a challenge for every organization, yet these times presents a perfect opportunity...…

March 19, 2020

Top 3 ways in which Governments and Businesses in ANZ can counter COVID-19

As the world battles the ongoing crisis caused due to novel coronavirus COVID-19, governments across the globe scramble to contain the spread of virus.…