April 8, 2020
procurement bfsi

The 3 Rs of Procurement in European BFSI

What is the future of procurement function in European BFSI sector? This article investigates the 3Rs of Procurement in BFSI to find out the answers.…
March 19, 2020

Coronavirus: A Wake-up Call for Procurement and Supply Chain

COVID-19, more popularly referred to as Novel Coronavirus/Coronavirus is creating havoc all over the world. While we are not sure how long this unforeseen circumstance is going to continue, one thing is quite evident – this crisis has a lot to teach the procurement and supply chain fraternity.…
January 22, 2019
Procurement Outlook 2019

Procurement Outlook in 2019: The Shape of Things to Come

As 2019 has officially begun, it is time for procurement leaders to evaluate 2018 and plan a better 2019 for their procurement teams. The blog post will serve as a guiding step to procurement teams in devising their 2019 strategy and evaluating their performance benchmarks in 2018.…
October 31, 2018

Applying Game Theory in Procurement for Better Negotiations

Game Theory is a mathematical model of interactions that is used in competitive situations to settle conflicts or initiate negotiations between two rational decision makers. Negotiations in procurement are often tricky and game theory can be applied here to achieve favorable outcomes and make strategic decisions.…
October 10, 2018

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: 5 Steps to Realize Micro-Segmentation

Taking the example of Dell which revolutionized its supply chain in the 90s with micro-segmentation or supply chain segmentation, organizations must follow these steps to implement supply chain segmentation to deliver the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.…
October 10, 2018

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Why Supply Chains Need Micro-Segmentation?

Taking the example of Dell which revolutionized its supply chain processes in the 90s, organizations must strive towards implementing micro-segmentation or supply chain segmentation to deliver customer services of the highest level.…
July 3, 2018
ERP SaaS Parallel Implementation

Why Implement ERP and Best of Breed Systems Together?

This article talks about the parallel implementation of ERP and Best of Breed systems and lists out a few benefits of this implementation strategy.…
May 11, 2018

[Upcoming Webinar] Procurement AI: Is Artificial Intelligence in Procurement Real?

There is no procurement blog or no thought leader in procurement who is not talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has gained so much of tract…
March 22, 2018

5 Cognitive Technologies to Look Out For in the Future

In the light of a digital transformation, the concept of ‘Cognitive Procurement’ is slowly gaining traction and raising eyebrows across the indust…