March 31, 2015

Effective User Adoption of Enabling Procurement Technologies (EPTs): Exploring the Drivers & Barriers

Procurement technologies, intended to facilitate and support the sourcing and management of goods and services, have evolved significantly over the la…
December 30, 2014

Unraveling the Procure-to-Pay Key Performance Metrics for 2015

While P2P automation technology has been around for almost two decades now, very few standard approaches, processes and/or clear best-in-class perform…
November 14, 2014

Live Webinar: Key Procurement Trends for 2015

October 31, 2014

Zycus P2P Benchmark Study for indirect spending is out!

The new Zycus P2P Benchmark study for…
September 25, 2014

[P2P Webinar] The P2P Payoff: Mining untapped returns from your Procure-to-Pay

The P2P (Procure-to-Pay) market is mature – and growing - valued by Gartner at $824 million in 2013 and recently projected by Spend Matters to reach…
August 26, 2014

New Procure-to-Pay Study: Inviting Participation

In our never-ending quest for understanding the needs of Procurement Professionals and cater to them with best possible solution, Zycus is undertaking…
July 17, 2014

CPO Hangout on Skills for the Modern Procurement Professional

The procurement function has come a long way - from being tactical to becoming strategic. It's no surprise then the skills required from modern procur…
July 8, 2014

Horizon 2014: Look Who Will be Talking

The third edition of Horizon 2014, a procurement conclave from November 9 – 11 is scheduled at The Ritz Carlton, Amelia Islands, Florida The thre…
June 30, 2014

Seven Keys to Better Sourcing & Supplier Management

The procurement function’s relationships with its suppliers are typically the foundation of how sourcing and supply management programs perform. Uti…
June 27, 2014

Taking a 360°Approach to Supplier Management: A Best Practices Guide from Ardent Partners

This new report by Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners outlines the key best practices of…