Tim Cummins


Richard Waugh

VP, Corporate Development, Zycus Inc.


CSI (Contract Scene Investigation) Procurement

Access on Demand - CSI (Contract Scene Investigation) Procurement

Technology is bringing contracts to life. At last, we are moving to an environment where Procurement can extract substantial added value and use contract data to increase business influence. But many procurement organizations which have deployed – or are planning to deploy - contract management automation tools have, by and large, only begun to scratch the surface of the potential strategic insights that can be derived from the contracting process and the contracts themselves.

This webinar will take a forensic approach to strategic contract analytics, and will utilize case study examples to illustrate the following strategic opportunities:

  • What can be learned from the Genealogy of the contract and its’ DNA – how can analytics help unlock its’ genetic code?
  • How is the contracting process integrated with end-to-end Source-to-Pay for optimal results?
  • Where are the value levers in the contracting process and how can an ROI be derived?
  • What insights can be gleaned about end user demand, compliance, and satisfaction from contract analytics?
  • What insights can be gleaned about supplier performance, innovation and risk?
  • How is AI (Artificial Intelligence) changing the role and effectiveness of the contract management function?

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