iContract, Contract Management | June, 2014
With this update we bring you a complete makeover of the authoring process to include reminders for contract and clause reviews, one-glance snapshot of the contract and much more
iAnalyze, Spend Analysis | April, 2014
Spend more time planning things that matter the most to you and leave your spend reports to iAnalyze by scheduling the reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or data refresh basis.
iPerform, Supplier Performance Management | March, 2014
The new features like timer, video tutorial, improved filters, custom introductory messages and many more, makes iPerform more effective and much easier to use.
iSource, eSourcing | February, 2014
With the new update, be in the driving seat and control the negotiation process to become a strategic buyer who saves more by helping suppliers cut cost. Get multiple sets of revised prices from suppliers and compare the best prices.
iContract, Contract Management | December, 2013
There's nothing more simple than authoring a contract using MS word doc. This new update allows you to do just that. Follow the three easy steps - Creating, Negotiating and Publishing to get the final contract.
iAnalyze, Spend Analysis | September, 2013
Experience power analysis in iAnalyze with improved features like intuitive drag-n-drop interface, faster navigation and performance, better spend visibility, new user interface and much more.